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 The SNIPER Underwater Viewing Scope is the first of its kind, 2" diameter underwater viewing scope.  



This underwater viewing scope design incorporates the standard, time tested features of a black internal wall surface to reduce internal reflected light while improving viewing ability and vent openings on the lens protector to allow air to escape from the front surface of the viewing lens during use.

The vents on this new device are different, they are not simple round holes but rather long slots that are much  more efficient at allowing water with all the air bubbles on the acrylic lens surface to more rapidly pass through providing an immediate and perfect unobstructed view.  



This new viewer was originally designed to attach directly on a hand dredge, however, this model is being supplied with a comfortable handle for unattached use and will allow easier sighting of crevices or material for hand dredging in shallow underwater conditions during use.


There are other applications that go hand-in-hand with this device. The SNIPER may be used for hunting relics, fossils, shark teeth, gemstones, viewing wildlife in underwater habitats or just plain looking around at the underwater sites.


Powered dredge operators will find this device useful for observing their partner's activity underwater from the surface during a dredging operation without the need to use a mask and snorkel.




The SNIPER comes standard in a working length of 16". The surface finish is gloss Black and White with the upper rim edge trimmed in a protective black rubber coating for comfortable face contact should you need to get in as close as possible to view your target of interest.


- The assembled weight of this device is a light 14 ounces (or less)   

- 16" Long x 2" Viewing Diameter
- Gloss Black and White Coloration


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