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We took the best features of our water-based machines and created a lightweight land detector called the Headhunter LANDPRO. We raised the bar in land detecting by adding a built-in target probe with a highly accessible detachable mount directly on the search-coil shaft!

With a flip of switch, you have full detection power directed into the probe during target recovery. Your chances of scratching a valuable find are greatly reduced by being able to pinpoint your target very accurately.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Search Frequency: 2.4kHz quartz crystal controlled. •
  • Search-coils: 8"Mega-DEPTH heavy-duty,search-coil with UW connector. •
  • Audio Frequency: 400 Hz. •
  • Headphone Ear-cups: Heavy-duty polymer full ear surround; extra comfortable soft cushions, ambient noise blocking up to 24 decibels, heavy-duty ear-to-ear wiring with heavy-duty ear-to-ear wiring for added strength; special connectors for interchangeable search-coils and target probe. •
  • Headphone Frame: Adjustable padded headband, no screws, no wire frame, no rust, compact carry foldable design. •
  • Controls: "Stay put" discrimination with segmented "click" positioning; full-range volume and sensitivity for fine adjustments. •
  • Search Mode: Silent search, slow motion full range discrimination. •
  • Operating environments: Land and beach. •
  • Cable: Straight, heavy-duty coil wire for added strength; coiled/straight wire on probe. •
  • Hand Grip: Soft foam anatomic for all-day use. •
  • Rods: Self-draining anodized aluminum with durable baked on black powder coating. •
  • Armrest: Adjustable stainless steel with waterproof padding. •
  • Isolator: Heavy-duty non-metallic with nylon wingnuts & stud assembly. •
  • Rod Length: 43 to 53 inches. •
  • Breakdown: Three pieces for easy storage and travel. •
  • Weight With Batteries: 3.5 pounds. •
  • Batteries: (2) 9-Volt cells of any type, carbon-zinc, alkaline or rechargeable can be used. •
  • Battery Life: Up to 50 hours (alkaline) •
  • Applications: Jewelry, relic, and coin hunting. •
  • Warranty: Two Years. •
  • NOTE: Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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