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Instructions for the Ultra-Vibe Industrial UV-10 and UV-18
Polishing rocks in the ultra Vibe-10 and UV-18

When selecting rocks to tumble, remember, the finished product is determined by the quality of rocks with which you start.  The rocks you use should be sorted by hardness and roughness.  Your rocks may vary in size to include a few up to 1 1/2" in diameter.  Vibratory tumblers are most successful on rocks where the shape does not have to be changed a great deal or on rock which have been previously sawed or shaped.  Agates and other hard stones should not be tumbled with soft materials such as opal.  If you are planning to tumble beach-worn rocks, don't complicate the process by mixing them with hammer-broken rocks.

The industrial Ultra-Vibe should be placed on a firm, smooth, level surface - preferably on uncarpeted  floor with ample clearance around it.  This allows proper air flow to the motor.  DO NOT cover unit with anything to dampen noise as this may block air flow and cause the motor to overheat, or possibly create a fire hazard.

Place your tumbler where it will not be in the way because tumbling takes a number of days of continuous operation and there is a constant sound of rolling rocks connected with rock polishing.

The following are only general guidelines for polishing rocks as most people make modifications in the methods to fit their specific needs.

1.  Fill Industrial Ultra-Vibe barrel with enough rocks to fill up past the centerline - approximately 3/4 full.  Tighten wing nut in center of barrel securely.

2. Add GRIT (Check chart below for quantity needed for the various size vibratory barrels.)  Turn on Tumbler.

3.  Begin adding water, a little at a time until the grit starts to cling to the stones which is what sit should do.  (Too much water will tend to rinse the grit back off the stones.)

4.  Replace tumbler lid to prevent the water from splashing and evaporating.  This will also reduce some of the noise connected with rock polishing.

5.  The GRIND (120-220 grit) will be the longest and will vary with the roughness and hardness of the stones - from 2 to 7 days.  The rocks should be checked two to three times daily because the build-up of "mud" (ground up rock, grit and water) will cause the action in the tumbler to slow down.  A small amount of water may be added to restore the action. This is critical because if the action stops significantly, the barrel could be damaged.

6.  When desired results in the GRIND (120-220 grit) are attained, the rocks and barrel should be rinsed thoroughly.  DO NOT wash grit into sink or drain pipe.  Make sure all traces of FINE grit are rinsed from the rocks and barrel.  The rocks can then be replaced in the barrel, ready for the next phase of polishing.

7.  Follow Steps 2 - 6 for each of the next two phases - PREPOLISH, and finally, POLISH.  Use  chart below for correct amount of grit for each barrel. These grinds will take only 2 - 3 days each.  The stones and barrel should be washed thoroughly between grit changes.

8.  After the POLISH you may wish to run the stones for a few hours in a solution of laundry detergent and enough water to make a stiff suds.  This will clean off any remaining polish and do a final burnishing job on the stones.

GRIND(120/220 grit)_______________6 oz
PREPOLISH (500F)_________3 oz
POLISH_____________3 oz

GRIND (120/220 grit)_______________8 oz
PREPOLISH (500F)_________4 oz
POLISH_____________4 oz

Taken from Ultra Vibe Tumbler Instructions
Thumlers Tumbler

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