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 No matter where you are, food is pivotal over all other issues. So here is an innovative cooking utensil that will not make your food requirements a handicap rather it will enable you to prepare tasty meals faster.

The CanCooker is a unique outdoor cooking device which makes a complete meal in matter of an hour. It designed to work on any source of heat be it campfire, camp stove, propane, charcoal or gas grill.

The CanCooker uses the technology of a pressure cooker i.e. it cooks with steam thereby keeping the food healthy and edible. Sufficient amount of liquid in the ingredients of the meal ensure that the heat source turns to steam.

It also has the revolutionary one-piece “shouldered” design that produces convection to circulate steam for faster cooking. Made from durable lightweight aluminum, it is easy to clean and an excellent way to cook outdoors.

The CanCooker is ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, family gatherings, picnics or any outdoor gatherings.  

The CanCooker is designed to cook abundant, great tasting food fast, no matter what the heat source. The CanCooker cooks with steam.  As the liquid reaches the boiling point, it turns to steam which, because it's lighter than the cooler air around, it begins to circulate inside the CanCooker.

This natural convection helps to cook the food inside your CanCooker even faster. It also keeps food from sticking to the sides which means extremely easy clean-up. Steam will not leach away nutrients like boiling, so, everything comes out tender. Nothing comes out dry.

  • Includes a free convenient storage bag
  • 4 gallon capacity
  • Cooks with steam for healthier, better tasting food
  • Adonized FDA grade 1060 aluminum offers heat conduction for faster cooking
  • Riveted, heavy-duty handles
  • Premium high temperature silicon gasket
  • Wide mouth design for easy stocking and removal of food
  • Pressure calmps hold the vented lid in place
  • One-piece construction

Note: Can Cooker and ALL handles will be VERY HOT during and after cooking. Always wear oven mitts when handling. Once lid is removed, escaping steam is also VERY HOT. Avoid contact with hands or face. Keep away from children

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