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1. The patent pending one size fits all DETECTING BUDDY harness is one of the simplest and most effective detecting harnesses ever developed. No need to secure multiple straps to different parts of your body to enjoy the freedom and weightlessness that your DETECTING BUDDY harness provides.

2. The DETECTING BUDDY may be used by either right or left handed individuals with no alterations or adjustments needed and the length can be adjusted to fit most sized individuals and to be worn over any garment.

3. The DETECTING BUDDY was designed to work off the top of your shoulder while running down your detecting arm allowing you to use your full swing in a range of motion that is very natural.

4. When using the DETECTING BUDDY you will be able to swing all day (with the length of the harness adjusted correctly) as your detector will feel light as a feather as it floats along the detecting surface effortlessly. When you want to recover an object you can just place your detector on the ground next to you and extract your find or you can let the harness slip off your detecting shoulder, recover the target and just place the harness back over your shoulder again and begin detecting.


1. Unclip the bungee loop section from the harness where it attached at the D ring. Gently stretch the bungee loop material and fit it over your detector starting from the handle end and keep working the loop down the shaft until you are at the upper stem just behind the detector’s control box (or other area where appropriate depending on the design of your detector). Tighten the bungee loop in place by pressing the button on the small black knob and pushing it in place snugly to the detector shaft. This portion of the DETECTING BUDDY stays attached to your detector (of course it can be moved to different detectors as needed).  

2. If you are right handed put your left arm through the cushioned loop part of the DETECTING BUDDY making sure the printed words on the back cushion are facing outward. Now lead the long strap along the top of your shoulder blades and place it over your right shoulder allowing the harness to just hang down the right front of your body alongside your detecting arm. If you are left handed just do opposite of everything stated above.

3. Reattach the bungee loop section to the harness to the D ring by pressing in the clip on the bungee loop section.

4. The DETECTING BUDDY comes set at full length. Shorten the length of the DETECTING BUDDY by feeding the web material up and through the square ring that is sitting right behind the D ring. Determine the correct length of the DETECTING BUDDY which will allow you to swing the detector effortlessly while it floats just above the ground. This may take some trial and error and practice swinging. It’s very simple to adjust the length longer or shorter to get the exact length for you and your detector.

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